Reviews and Testimonials

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new little friend.. I am 73 and pain free!!! Two months ago my doctors prescribed me pain killers for life.. I wanted to explore more natural alternatives and came across your 4Pain via a flyer in a ladies magazine. I wore it straight away and have had a pain free Christmas, I have told my daughters and friends how good 4Pain is.


I would like to say that since wearing 4Pain on my lower back, the constant pain I suffered has considerably reduced.

by MRS. JMA Oxfordshire

I write to say how pleased I am with your 4Pain product, I ordered two last Thursday and they arrived the following Friday morning!! I wore one when I went shopping on Saturday (normally very painful) and had no back pain at all; at 76 years of age that’s a miracle!!

MRS. PC Bristol

Thank you for sending me my replacement buttons for my 4Pain and I don’t how I would manage without them, I suddenly realised I was using less pain killers when I had my 4Pain.. Of course I tell all my friends.

MRS. AM Leicester

I recently purchased one of your 4Pain magnetic device and I am writing to let you know that it’s been really great. My back and shoulder pain have completely left me and I have been free of pain for over a month…. I have recommended it to my friends who have been suffering for a long time so hopefully they will have the same success.

MRS. BR Warwickshire

Thank you for arranging to send me the 4 Pain. Guess what? Now wearing one on each shoulder while hunched over the computer and the normal tension has disappeared!! (Well done, a product that actually does what it says). I have now distributed the new ones I ordered around for my family.

MRS. JP Hemel Hempstead

I am 82 years of age and suffer from severe osteo-arthritis of one hip joint. I wish to testify that 4Pain has given and is giving definite therapeutic benefit. When my pains are acute the relief is almost immediate and is lasting for the time it is in contact with my hip.

Mr. FH Nottingham