How Does 4Pain Work?

How does 4Pain work?

A natural, magnetic device designed to relieve the discomfort caused by arthritic pain, sciatica, whiplash, spinal injuries, sports injuries, and pulled muscles.

  • Simple: Small and discreet, attaches to your clothes at the point of the pain.
  • Versatile: For back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, spinal injuries, arthritic pain & even sciatica
  • Fast: We believe your pain can be reduced within hours rather than days.
  • Safe: 4Pain has become one of the most popular products, used by many thousands and is totally safe with no reported adverse effects.

17 million people in the UK suffer from back pain – that’s a third of the adult population! For three million of those people, the pain lasts through the year and reduces the quality of life. Guaranteed for 10 years this is a small price to pay for piece of mind and an improved quality of life.

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