Questions & Answers

What is 4pain?
4pain is a small static magnetic device that attaches comfortably and discreetly to your clothing/underwear.

What is 4pain used for?
4pain is designed to relieve pain or discomfort caused by lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, arthritis, pulled muscles, whiplash, sporting injuries and spinal injuries.

How does 4pain work?
4pain was designed to help by creating powerful magnetic fields directly at the point of pain, which may help enhance the natural healing process. Some studies suggest an improvement in blood circulation and calming of nerve signals.

Is 4pain suitable for me?
4pain is drug-free and suitable for all.

Where do I wear 4pain?
4pain can only be used on the torso. It is not designed for use on the arms or legs.

How often should 4pain be worn?
4pain can be used for as long as required (totally safe to be used continuously).

How soon should I notice benefits?
In most cases, you should notice a difference within approximately two hours but for more severe problems, you may need to use 4pain for longer periods of time.

Where do I wear my 4pain?
Directly at the point of pain or discomfort.

How do I attach my 4pain?
Separate the two pieces by sliding one away from the other. Place the large piece (curved face) against the skin where you feel pain or discomfort and attach the small round button on the outside of your clothing/underwear.

How long will my 4Pain last?
The magnetic properties of 4Pain, if kept in reasonable conditions, will last approx 10 years.

Can anyone of any age use 4pain?
Yes, it is totally safe and recommended to be used instead of drugs, painkillers, etc.

Can 4pain be used whilst taking medications?
Yes totally safe.

I have a heart pacemaker fitted. Can I use 4pain?
Static magnetic fields normally should not affect pacemakers but you must check with your pacemaker clinic before use.

Can diabetics use 4pain?
This is totally safe. We’ve had many cases reported of sugar levels being reduced with the use of 4pain. Whilst this is good news, discuss the reduction of your medication with your doctor.

Can I wear 4pain whilst pregnant?
Pregnant women have advised us that it is very helpful worn on their back to alleviate normal back pain during pregnancy but not in the pelvic area.

Can 4pain be worn if I have metal pins or implants?
This is perfectly safe. All metal implants are non magnetic, and therefore are not affected by 4pain.

I am taking medication for blood pressure can I use 4pain?
There have been no adverse effects reported.

Can I use 4pain whilst exercising?
Totally safe but this is a personal choice.

Can I use my 4pain at night?
Yes if required.

I accidentally got my 4pain wet, have I damaged it?
This should not be a problem if not repeated.

I lost my 4pain button do I have to buy a complete product?
Replacement parts can be purchased separately, please call our helpline 01179 710 710 or visit our website www.4pain.co.uk