Can It Help Me

Can It Help Me?

Maybe! Magnetic health can help you, with lower back and shoulder pain?

4Pain products have been developed to apply a powerful directed magnetic field to the body. We believe that the small, powerful magnetic therapeutic devices will work in harmony with your body. For example, some studies suggest there may be an improvement in circulation, a calming of nerve signals and a change in behaviour of the cells involved in the healing process. More and more of 4Pain continues to have its products tested in trials under medical supervision and significant benefits are being reported by significant numbers of users.

4Pain patented products are designed to create powerful magnetic fields for deep penetration and may help ease local pain, safely!

We believe that we are able to offer you a product that may help to alleviate your current symptoms. Should you need any advice please do not hesitate to call our free Help desk on 0117 9710 710 (office hours).